fine art

devotion                             MDF, brass, fog machine, timer, 2007
desperation                                   MDF, steel, found objects, neon bulbs, 2009
desperation II                               MDF, steel, found objects, 2009
L.A. landscape #1                                                             MDF, paint, tar, sand, brass, gold leaf 2012
liebeshotel                         MDF, acrylic, brass, gearmotor, 2004
make love not ART                                                                           2004
green homes                                                                                                   2004
green homes                                                                                                                               (detail), 2004
beacon                     MDF, found objects, brass, gearmotor, 2015
beacon                                                                                                                      (detail), 2015
the harder they fall                          plush fur, wood, steel, 2003
the harder they fall (detail)                steel, 23k gold leaf, 2003
a constant in the age of diminished expectations                     2016
untitled (colt .25)                                                          colt .25ACP pistol, custom silver barrel, 2003
lullaby                                                       12 gauge shotgun, antique music box, brass, wood, 2003
lullaby                                                                                                                                           (detail), 2003